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Country Kennels

  Groom, Play & Even Stay

Lucy is the owner of Country Kennels & runs Dee Dee Dog (Grooming, Training, Boutique). She is 25 years old and has always loved animals. Lucy grew up on a farm and a breeding kennels so she was always surrounded by animals needing attention and love, of which Lucy has always had plenty to give.

At 12 she started showing dogs, training and competing in agility, working in local grooming salons and participated in grooming competitions. She then gained a diploma in animal care and qualified as a dog groomer. Lucy is also Pet First Aid trained.

As well as grooming & boarding, Lucy also shows and breeds her much loved Chihuahuas.

Lucy has a wealth of experience dealing with all types of dogs, different breeds, temperaments, health issues etc.. Lucy is extremely proud of how well she has revamped the place since taking over 5 years ago. She works tirelessly day and night to manage the kennels.

Lucy, even though married, is a very independant woman, and has actually designed and done nearly all of the improvements herself, with her employees as her husband Michael works Full-Time elsewhere. 

Lucy will always remain professionial, however she does like to be more friendly towards customers and staff. Even the girls who work there, Lucy insists on creating a fun place to work for her team as she doesn't want anyone to lose interest or not want to come to work. The employees get incentives such as a bonus if they are busy, or if they do well in their reviews. If they treat it as "just a job" or "work to get paid" then the dog's won't be at their most happiest and that's not what Lucy wants. Lucy treats this business like her baby, she'd be lost without it, she absolutely loves all her customers, and especially the dogs. It's the most rewarding job ever to her! And she cares for each of the dogs as if they were her own, because at that point in time, they're all her responsibilty. 

Lucy has 11 dogs! x5 chihuahuas (Dee-Dee, Romeo, Luna, Darcy, Mee-Mee), Rottweiler (Dollie), Bulldog (Dudley), Miniature Schnauzer (Ethel), Miniature Poodle (Arrabella), Cocker Spaniel (Marley) & a Bernese Mountain dog (Cola). 


Georgie is 18 years old, Georgie has just completed her Extended Level 3 Diploma in Animal Care. Georgie is our main full time caregiver for your pooches throughout their stay. 

Georgie is Canine First Aid Trained & is Pet massage trained!

Georgie is confident around all breeds and sizes of dogs, loves every single one she meets and cares for them as if they were her own! 

Georgie is kind, professional, reliable & trustworthy. 

Throughout working here, Georgie has gained experience in all temperaments, behaviors and common medical conditions as well as administering many types of medication. 

Georgie has x3 dogs at home, which are: Lulu (Yorkshire Terrier X Jack Russel), Bonnie (LhasaPoo) & Bentley (Shorkie)

Georgie looks forward to meeting & caring for all your dog(s)!



Meg is 17 years old, Megs' career here started when her family dog Chaise boarded here with us. Meg asked if we had any jobs here as she's always loved animals, always wanted to work with them and fell in love with the atmosphere here at the Kennels! 

We soon realised how enthusiastic Meg was, and we are proud to say she's loving working here! 

Caring and interacting with the dogs is her main priority- as it should be! She's professional, friendly, approachable and is enjoying learning everything there is to know about working with and caring for dogs! 

Meg is very good at handling strong/big/ bouncy dogs!

Meg has 1 family dog called Chaise who his a giant bundle of fun! (Husky X German Shepherd X Labrador X Poodle!)

Meg is here at the Kennels, every Wednesday, Friday and every other weekend. 

Meg will soon be Canine First Aid Trained & Canine Massage Trained

Elle (Pronounced Ellie)

Elle is 16, and absolutely loves all dogs! Elle is an aspiring Dog Groomer and is starting her Level 2 Dog Grooming qualification alongside working at the Kennels. Elle is wanting to gain as much experience around all types of dogs, behaviours, care and customer services which will help her in her dog Grooming. Elle will also be assisting Lucy grooming when she's able to, and we know she will thrive in any situation where dogs are involved! 

Elle has a Staffie X called Kiki & a Shih-Tzu called Honey! Elle has grown up with her family owning large dogs and is quickly gaining lots of knowledge and experience with dogs, health conditions and customer services. 

Elle is our every other Weekend Care Giver & here in college holidays! 

Elle will soon be Canine First Aid Trained & Canine Massage Trained


Michael is Lucy's husband and the owner of Dee Dee Dog. Michael works full-time as a Lorry Mechanic so isn't on site during opening hours during the week usually. Michael has been taught well by Lucy on day-to-day running of the kennels & grooming and also provides out of hours care to dogs such as medications, extra walks, and also does a lot of the Kennels & Grounds Maintenance.


Michael is also Canine First Aid Trained.

Michael loves living at the Kennels and enjoys meeting/greeting customers and helping care for their dogs when he can :) 


Linda is Lucy's Mum and is currently helping to run the Boarding Kennels whilst Dee Dee Dog business is still quite new, this means Country Kennels are still being solely managed and such a big change means that all kennels, dogs, customers and staff aren't affected while Lucy solely concentrates on Running Dee Dee dog as it only opened in April 2019! 

The day-to-day running of Country Kennels is currently being ran by Linda who is highly experienced in dogs, and specialises mainly in breeding which means she strongly understands about Puppies welfare & Licensing Requirements. Linda is enjoying running the Kennels temporarily and meeting all your dogs and taking bookings whilst having a good chat! 

Linda is also Pet First aid Trained and has a wealth of experience in medical conditions, medicating dogs & giving them lots of cuddles and attention! Linda's main priority is that the Kennels and grounds are as clean & presentable as possible and that high standards are set for dog & customer satisfaction! 

Lindas breeds of dogs are Border Collies, German Shepherds & Cocker Spaniels & a Bearded Collie called Misty


Courtney is 20 years old and worked at the kennels when she was 16 for two years. Courtney is currently living on site despite working full-time elsewhere (she just couldn't get away!) so there is staff on site 24/7. Courtney has experience in working with dogs of all breeds, sizes and temperaments which she has gained from working at the kennels. Courtney is confident in talking to customers and enjoys having lots of cuddles with your pups throughout their stay with us at the kennels. 

Courtney has 3 boxers called Kaos, BoBo and Audrey which are very bouncy and need lots of time and attention which Courtney is willing to give.

Courtney is also DBS checked & is also a Nursery Assistant & Support Worker for the Elderly.

Although you may not see Courtney very often when dropping off or collecting your pooches, she is just around the corner if needed.


Chloe is 19 years old, and is our Trainee Dog Groomer. Chloe is starting to build up confidence around customers, and is always willing to help wherever she can. Chloe is very good with nervous/shy dogs and has a natural calming affect around dogs! Chloe helped a lot last year at the Kennels when we were short staffed and gained lots of experience through helping out. 

Chloe is Qualified in Level 2 Dog Grooming and has a Level 2 Diploma in Animal care. Chloe is being put through her Level 3 Dog Grooming Diploma at the end of the year! Chloe is fantastic at grooming well behaved dogs and is friendly & professionial. Chloe is offering Trainee Dog Grooming appoinmtents at very cheap prices so bear her in mind when booking your dogs stay! 

Chloe is Canine First Aid Trained & Canine Massage Trained

Chloe has x4 Dogs at home: x2 Labradors (Hollie & Murphy), Cavapoo (Sam) & a Puggalier (Charlie)