Country Kennels

Country Kennels

  Groom, Play & Even Stay

Lucy is the owner of Country Kennels. She is 22 years old and has always loved animals. Lucy grew up on a farm and a breeding kennels so she was always surrounded by animals needing attention and love, of which Lucy has always had plenty to give.

At 12 she started showing dogs, training and competing in agility, working in local grooming salons and participated in grooming competitions. She then gained a diploma in animal care and qualified as a dog groomer. Lucy is also Pet First Aid trained.

As well as grooming & boarding, Lucy also shows and breeds her much loved Chihuahuas.

Lucy has a wealth of experience dealing with all types of dogs, different breeds, temperaments, health issues etc.. Lucy is extremely proud of how well she has revamped the place since taking over three years ago. She works tirelessly day and night to manage the kennels.

Lucy, even though married, is a very independant woman, and has actually designed and done nearly all of the improvements herself, with her employees. 

Lucy will always remain professionial, however she does like to be more friendly towards customers and staff. Even the girls who work there, Lucy insists on creating a fun place to work for her team as she doesn't want anyone to lose interest or not want to come to work. The employees get incentives such as a bonus if they are busy, or if they do well in their reviews. If they treat it as "just a job" or "work to get paid" then the dog's won't be at their most happiest and that's not what Lucy wants. Lucy treats this business like her baby, she'd be lost without it, she absolutely loves all her customers, and especially the dogs. It's the most rewarding job ever to her! And she cares for each of the dogs as if they were her own, because at that point in time, they're all her responsibilty. 

Lucy has 11 dogs! X8 Chihuahuas, Dee-Dee, Bootie, Chloe, Romeo, Candy, Luna, Darcy & Hunter. x1 Olde Tyme Bulldog - Dudley  X1 Miniature Poodle- Arabella & X1 Rottweiler called Dollie.


Danielle is  25 years old. Danielle has two rescue staffies called: Archie, and Marley.

Danielle is lovely! She’s down to earth, sensible and you can 110% rely on her to make sure every single one of your dogs needs are met during their stay here. She absolutely adores dogs, all sizes and breeds.. However staffie’s are her favourite! Danielle volunteered at a dog rescue for 5 years!! Danielle also fosters dogs, meaning she is used to dealing with a wide range of different breeds and temperaments. Danielle will be completing her Canine First Aid course and Diploma in animal care very soon. Danielle loves working here as she is in her element seeing all the different beautiful dogs, and getting kisses and seeing them all running around playing happily. She's very strong minded on treating your dog(s) the exact same as how she’d like her own to be treated with copious amounts of love, care, attention and looking
after all their basic needs. Danielle is looking forward to meeting you all and your beautiful dog(s)



Megan is 17 years old, and has had dogs all of her life!

Megan is very friendly and bubbly, Megan grew up on a farm, this means she fell in love with all animals at a very early age and had to learn how to care for them correctly, (just like I did when I was younger -Lucy). Megan's had various breeds of dogs throughout her life, including a Newfoundland, Labrador and a Border Collie, so she is used to most breeds and temperaments. Megan has a Level 3 Diploma in animal Management, where she learned most things about how to properly care for different types of animals and different temperaments. Whilst studying for her Diploma Megan did work experience at a dog Groomers, Cattery & a breeder of German Shepherds. Megan also regularly dog sits for most of her family. Megan is experienced, very friendly, bubbly and loves interacting with the dogs and taking photos of them. Check out our Facebook page to see her brilliant photos! Megan loves working here as she gets to meet all different breeds of dogs and different temperaments. Megan says she works here as she loves to be around dogs as they all have different personalities. Megan will also be completing her Canine First Aid course very soon!

Megan is also looking forward to meeting all of you and all of your dog(s).