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Frequently Asked Questions

Do my dogs get mixed with other dogs?

No, only dogs from the same families are mixed together. This is because we can never 100% guarantee the safety of your dog(s) if mixed together with an unknown dog. Our kennels are brick built which means they won't be stressed out by constantly seeing dogs next to them. 
If we have aggressive or nervous dogs towards other dogs then we close the wooden stable doors on their kennel as dogs are being walked past, which also helps prevent further stress caused to your dog(s).

How much times do they get let out?

Each dog gets let out in the paddock for their play & cuddle time at least 5-6 times per day, for at least 15-20 minutes each time.

This depends on how busy we are, how hot or cold it is outside, if it's heavily raining whether or not they are exercised more than 5-6 times. 

Can i have my dog groomed before we collect?

Yes of course! After their holiday is nearly ending, we will happily groom them for you so they're all pampered and smelling sweet before you collect. Please note; there is an extra charge for this service.

I picked my dog up early in the morning.. Why am i charged for the full day?

This is because, how we operate as a kennels is we charge per day, this means your dog(s) kennel is reserved for you for the whole day. meaning, if you are caught in traffic, or plans change, we will not charge you for not collecting before 9 am(example) . This also means that we can have flexible times for drop off & collections, if we charged per night then we would need all dogs to be out at an early time slot which not everyone is able to do. We just feel this way is better suited for everyone. 

My dogs quite nervous are you okay with this?

Of course! Every dog is completely different, all have their own different personalities & behaviours. If they are nervous, we shall take our time, we've had dogs that have boarded for the first time, scared and don't understand what's happening or who we are, some turn aggressive. To us, it doesn't mean send them home, it means.. Okay.. you're scared.. and we will sit on the floor outside the kennel (In all weather) with some extremely tasty freshly cooked meat from Lucy's fridge.. feeding treats until they gradually gain trust, sometimes the next steps to stay in the kennel for a while just until they come to us. but we have always in day 1 had them coming out, tail wagging, lots of kisses! This makes us more proud than we can ever explain. Every dog needs individual attention and care, and we adjust that to whatever their needs are. 

if dogs are nervous in kennels it's usually as they don't understand what's going on, they don't know who we are, but with every bit of love, patience and care you can help them to understand that our kennels are fun! and that we will care and love them as if they were our own. Obviously, some dogs still come into the kennels, and are completely happy from first off, but others just need a little time.  

Do i need to bring my own food?

It's completely up to you. We do recommend that you bring your own that your dog(s) are used to, as a sudden change in food can upset their tummies. However, there is no discount for bringing your own food. 

My dogs food is frozen, is that okay to bring?

Of course, Lucy's dogs are half raw fed so we understand raw food. We have a freezer where we store it, and a fridge if you were bringing any fresh food. 

What can i bring with me?

ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING that you wish too. We recommend bringing something like a bed, blanket, toy or something that familiarises them with home. We've even had people come with mattresses, quilts, pillows. We are here to care for your dog, not dictate what you can and can't bring. We do just say ; that we are not responsible for any damage caused to any bedding, toys etc.. left at the kennels during their stay. 

What do i NEED to bring with me?

Vaccination Card, any medication if required &  your dog(s). Obviously, if you were wanting to bring toys, treats, beds, food then bring them too. Please ensure your dog is on a lead on arrival at the kennels. 
You will need to spare 5-10 minutes on drop off to complete forms.

My dog needs medication.. Is this okay?

Yes, it's fine, as long as we are given clear instructions on what the medication is, and how to administer it.